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Landscape Design in Tulsa - Choose the right Tulsa Tree!

Posted by David Land on Wed, Jan 04, 2012 @ 11:51 AM

Happy New Year.  Here is a great idea - be green in 2012!  One of your New Years resolutions should be to become green and plant some trees. There are many reasons to plant trees.


Why is it Green and Smart to plant trees?

Trees provide the following benefits:

  • Trees provide shade that can reduce the temperture of your home and landscape saving you money.
  • Trees trade CO2 for oxygen improving our environment.
  • Trees provide habitat for animals.
  • Trees are just plain pretty.

The Mighty Oak - Shumard Red Oak

Shumard Red Oak planted 2007, Shumard Oak planted in Tulsa


The photo above is my favorite tree for Tulsa, the Shumard Red Oak.  The Red is NOT for leaf color but is is the color of the wood. This tree was originally planted in October of 2007 in poor soil and was eight feet tall.  This photo was taken Spring of 2011 and the tree  is now twenty-six feet tall.  Shumard Oaks grow quickly (three feet per year is not unusual).  Additionally, this tree has never been pruned for shape.   The lawn fertilizer is the only food this tree has received.  Not bad for a tree that has a reputation for slow growing (not true-just folk lore).


Other Great Trees for Tulsa

Chinese Pistache (30-40' tall)

Burr Oak (40-60' tall)

October Glory Maple (40-50' tall)

Loblolly Pine (30-60' tall)

Blue Atlas Cedar (Charlie Brown Christmas tree 10-40' tall)

Shumard Red Oak - pictured above  (40-75" tall)


AVOID THIS! Trees to avoid for Oklahoma are  Pin Oak, Bradford Pear,  Mimosa, Silver Maple, willows, and Leland Cypress.  Leland Cypress is a great tree but it will grow 65 feet tall and 35 feet wide.


Where to plant trees?

Tree planting locations should be chosen for future size of tree, soil type, distance from the house structure, and the plants located under the tree.  Don't try & plant Azaleas under a Magnolia or Red Maple tree.

When should I plant trees in Tulsa?  How to Plant.

Timing for planting trees is best done in any month outside of the heat of the summer.  Fall & winter provide the best transition time to allow the roots to develop.  The soil should be loosened about 2.5 times the size of the root ball.  The tree shouild be planted high, so the root flare of the tree is at least 3-4" above the surrounding grade.  Trees don't die from be planted too high!  Use 2-4" of mulch around the tree to provide cooler soil temps and retain moisture.  Water the tree at least once a week for the first season.


Selecting a tree for the Tulsa Landscape will give you years of enjoyment.  Research the mature tree size for the location in ensure you have the right tree.  Only purchase from a reputable Nursery with a guarantee.  Plant it and watct it grow.


Please share on your favorite tree story below in comments.


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