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StoneMakers - Concrete product looks like real Stone Retaining wall

Posted by David Land on Thu, Jan 05, 2012 @ 05:11 PM

Choices!  I love choices.  I really love choices when I can have my cake and eat it too. The ultimate choice is to get the best and get it at the best price.  What a deal.



Using the StoneMaker products for Retaining walls, Patios, and Water features  offers the real stone appearance, but the strength of concrete.  Even better, StoneMakers uses a proprietary concrete product that is vastly superior to traditional concrete.

Traditional retaining walls are made of railroad ties, rock, or poured concrete.  The problems with these products are the materials don't hold up well over time or they are too expensive.  The new StoneMakers method cuts costs, gives you an expensive look, and will stand the test of time. 

Stonemaker stairs and retaining wall in Oklahoma

 My friend, Jaime Snyder of Albert Design Group in Washingtonville, New York , recently wrote about the benefits of a StoneMaker walls, sidewalks, and patios.  Here they are:

  1. SPEED - Build a 75' long by 4' tall retaining wall in 5.5 hours. That's not an exaggeration, it's actually an understatement. Just so you understand what used to take me THREE DAYS now takes 5.5 HOURS. You know what this means for the consumer - BETTER PRICES!
  2. VALUE - Make a retaining wall that looks like natural stone, but is stronger than stacked stone or stacked block for that matter. Put simply - you cannot get a stronger or better looking wall for the money.
  3. COLOR THEORY - Block retaining walls come in few colors. Some companies have more than others but the reality of it folks is that most companies hover around 6-7 color choices. StoneMakers has 33 colors! And to top it all off you never use just one, which would not look natural. To make our retainer walls look like natural stone we blend the StoneMakers colors. In the end we have an infinite number of colors to choose from.
  4. MONOLITHIC - Back in the day - say 2009 - If I wanted to make a wall look like natural stone I had two choices. Buy natural stone or use cultured stone as a veneer over some type of concrete wall. This wall could be block or poured but the outcome was the same. Sure cultured stone looks fine if done right. Done wrong it looks like the wall has zits. Either way it's nowhere near as strong as a monolithic (one continuous piece) wall is. And Natural stone is flat out expensive.
  5. ENVIORNMENTALLY RESPONSIBLE - No forms mean no waste. Even if every contractor recycled their forms the wood wasted is staggering. A small retaining wall may have a few hundred pounds of wood used as forms. Multiply that times the number of jobs that contractor does a year and you can see how that ads up. With StoneMakers there is ZERO wood to throw away.
  6. UNLIMITED CHOICES -  Any Color and any stone style you like.

Thanks for your insight Jaime. 

 South Tulsa StoneMaker retaining wall

We just finished the above project in South Tulsa.  We replaced a 30 year old railroad tie wall.  The results were stunning and client showed off the new wall at a party several weeks later.  We have already been out to freinds homes of our client to share the product with them. We simulated Native Oklahoma Sandstone in boulder sizes. 


Look at our project Gallery for more examples. 

Call today to learn more about this fantastic product!

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