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Top five things to know about Landscape Design in Tulsa

Posted by David Land on Mon, Feb 06, 2012 @ 09:07 PM

Landscape Design in Tulsa


Landscape Design is a often misunderstood subject.  Do I need a plan? Do I need a drawing?  Do I need to pay for a drawing? How do I know I will get what I want out of a plan?

Five Things to Know about Landscape Design in Tulsa

  • You always need a plan -  Some projects need a formal drawing, some only need a construction sketch.   This has more to do with the quality of the contractor and your comfort level with that contractor.  Portions of the project are much more critical than others.  The grading and drainage often need a written plan to ensure the proper elevations will work.  We often see expensive pools installed with no regard for good drainage and proper usage of the entire area.
  • Should I have to pay for a plan?  This one is easy.  You get what you pay for.  Many contractors are incapable of providing a good plan.  It may be time to outsource the plan and then hire the contractor later.  Our company works both ways depending and the scope and length of time it takes to get drawings prepared.
  • What type of plan do I need?  On larger projects, we suggest using a 3-D plan. When it is difficult to visualize (it is for most people), the 3-D plan really helps the project to feel more real and you relate better to the project. The live walkthru mode helps you see the scale of the work.
  • How much should it cost for the plans? Simple sketches can be as little as $150 or 3-D as much as $1,000 (we averaged around $500 on 3-D).  If you hire a Landscape Architect, we typically see fees from $500-5,000.  They only make their money from design and they have professional credentials.  
  • How long do designs take to prepare?  This is tough.  Depending on the time of year and backlog, it can be from a few weeks to months.  It is always best to work off season due to a lower workload.  Don't get in big hurry and sacrifice  quality to get finished quickly.  We always have a better outcome when the process is more relaxed.



Look at our 3-D design page

Tulsa landscape 3-D Design

So what to do now???



Call us and we will help you determine if you need outside help or we can keep your project in house.  Our mission is to help you learn  about the process and achieve the best value and outcome!

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