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Mulch benefits for the Tree and Landscape in Tulsa

Posted by David Land on Mon, Feb 06, 2012 @ 08:18 AM

One of the most common questions I receive concerns landscape mulching.  Do I need mulch?  How much is the right amount?  What type of mulch is best? Is all mulch the same? Can you ever have too much mulch?

John, my son, shared these comments he found on a forum.  I couldn't agree more with this list and want to share a few more comments.



Most people know that mulching should be done after planting, but

few think about their options and advantages.


 Red Mulch for Tulsa Landscape

4 Benefits of Proper Mulcing


1. Preventing and suppressing weeds


Most landscapes that are mulched have fewer weeds than non

mulched areas. Mulches block the sunlight from reaching the soil,

reducing germination of weeds. Weeds can grow in mulch, but are

greatly reduced.


2. Saves Water


Properly mulched landscape plantings conserve more water than

non-mulched or soil plantings. Mulch coverings, especially

organic mulch coverings, lesson some of the drying effects and

hold moisture in the soil sometimes weeks. This calls for less



3. Cooling Effect


The blocking of sunlight not only suppresses weeds, it also cools

the soil. The lighter the color of mulch, the cooler it tends to

be underneath due to light being reflected rather than absorbed.


4. Looks Good


Natural colored mulch can produce both enhancing and neutralizing

effects in the landscape. This is helpful as the mulch seems to

tie everything together.


Mulch can create a healthy landscape with more abundant and

extensive roots. Mulch can also improve the growth rate.

Pine bark mulch for tulsa landscape

Here are few mulch myths and mistakes


  • Keep the mulch off the root flare of the tree or shrub.  Mulch can cause roting if volcanoed (is that a word) on to the base of the plant.  Feather the mulch out and thicken it as it moves away from the base of the plant.
  • You can have too much mulch.  Two to four inches is plenty to provide the listed benefits. 
  • Don't by the cheap mulch at Wal-Mart and the Big box stores.  The product they generally sell is the lowest grade.  Look for a premuim grade mulch.
  • Myth - Installing weed barrier under the mulch will prevent weeds.  Wrong!  Mulch is organic and will decompose providing a wonderfull place for weeds to grow.  Just remulch annually to keep the weeds at bay. The only time you need a fabric under mulch is when you use rock mulch.

My favorite Bulk mulch store in Tulsa is Tulsa Sod and Mulch.  They are located at 61st & Hwy 169. Phone them at 918.252.7631. They deliver too.


Have MULCH better year with propering mulching!

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