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Five common mistakes in Outdoor Kitchens in Tulsa

Posted by David Land on Sun, Feb 19, 2012 @ 10:01 AM

nj islandOutdoor Kitchens are proving to be the most desired outdoor feature today.  Yes, even more than a pool.  You can have everything outdoors that is in your indoor kitchen - and more! 

One recent project had a firebowl in the middle of the round bar table.  The effortless remote control lights this feature and no wood to feed the fire or ashes to clean up.


There are so many items you can have in your outdoor kitchen.  We will list a few:

  • Grill with Infrared rotisserie
  • Pizza oven
  • Refrigerator
  • Ice maker
  • Kegerator (Beer tap)
  • Sideburner
  • Television
  • Stereo

Five Common mistakes

  1. Using the wrong materials.  I was watching a local TV program that featured a new outdoor kitchen cabinet carcasses made of wood.  Outdoor kitchens trap a great deal on moisture - even under a covered patio.  Answer: Choose materials that resist moisture and don't materials that compromise the longevity and quality.
  2. Poor cabinet airflow.  This problem is connected with number 1.  The cabinets build up moisture and trap water in the bottom.  Answer: Install multiple air vents both high & low to improve circulation.  We won't eliminate moisture but minimize it.
  3. Smoke from the Grill. The seating area around the grill area often is in the line of the grill smoke. Answer:  Test the line of smoke before you design the kitchen.
  4. Cheap grills.  So often, clients try to save money by buying a big box store unit.  Stainless steel has many different grades and repair parts are difficult to find. Answer: Buy a name brand unit that specializes in grills.
  5. Location.  Outdoor kitchens are often located outside in the elements.   Do you want to stand in the rain to use your grill? Trying to keep the kitchen clean is difficult when exposed to rain.  Answer: Locate as much of the kitchen in a covered area.  If it is away from the house, think a rain tight structure to house your unit. The kitchen should be in a location for year round use.

If properly designed and built, your outdoor kitchen should be a tremendous asset.  We have installed units as inexpensive as $5,000.00 including a great Beefeater grill. 


What do you think about outdoor kitchens?  Share your comments!

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