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Utilizing to Communicate Ideas Through Photos

Posted by Katie Stoever on Tue, Mar 27, 2012 @ 10:24 AM

Whether your brainstorming ideas for your next project or just killing a few minutes on break looking at pictures, Houzz is a great place to start! 

We stumbled upon recently and have quickly discovered how great of a site it is to get new design ideas for interior and exterior living areas.  Most of the designs will take your imagination places you never thought it could go, which is helpful when brainstorming fresh ideas for you exterior space. 

Things you can do on Houzz:

  • create an ideabook
  • find the actual product and its' price from the photo
  • join or start a discussion
  • find professionals and view their projects
  • invite friends and get recommended

We encourage you to join Houzz today and share with us some designs you love. 

You can find us by going to, clicking the "Professionals" tab, and then searching for  Tulsa Landscape Inc.

or click

houzz interior design ideas


I already have ideas in mind and want to discuss them with a professional!

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