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Getting Creative with Old Pots!

Posted by Katie Stoever on Fri, Mar 30, 2012 @ 11:20 AM

If you have old flower pots or decorative pots laying around and are not sure what to do with them, read below on a few creative ideas that will put those old pots to use!


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1.  As a garden feature.  We typically plant a flower upright in the flower  pot that sits on it's base. How about turning the pot on its side and planting a perinnial, such as a Patriot Hosta or Shasta Daisy and letting the plants grow naturally.  Allowing the plant to grow from the inside out will make for a creative feature in your garden.



2.  As a water fepot out of pondature ornament.  Back yard ponds typically include rocks, plants, water, and fish, but what about an old pot?  Fish love to use the pot as a hidding place, and you can even break up the pot into a couple of pieces making it a little more interesting. One of our friends simply took her old pot and put it in the bottom of her backyard pond; it made for an interesting design feature the fish absolutely loved it.



flower pot pond3. To create a miniture pond. Maybe you do not have room for a pond in your backyard, or maybe you live in an apartment with no backyard.  You can still enjoy a small pond type feature by using an existing pot.  Chose a pot made from ceramic, plastic, sealed cement, porcelain or metal. Fill with water and water plants such as floaters, deep-water plants, and marginals.



Have fun this spring and incorporate one of the ideas into your outdoor living space!  For more outdoor ideas check out the portfolio section and schedule your consultation!

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