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Landscaping Small Spaces: Creating a backyard retreat on a balcony.

Posted by Katie Stoever on Mon, Apr 09, 2012 @ 10:52 AM

terrace balcony garden 03Are you living in a place with a balcony or very small patio and still want to have that backyard retreat feel?  I know I enjoy an outdoor living space where I can sit quietly, read a book, and listen to birds chirp.  Recently, a family member of mine moved into an apartment and I thought, "Well, how is she going to have that backyard feel? What can she do to add some character to her balcony?" 


In response to those questions I have put together a few tips to keep in mind and some ideas on how you or a friend can keep that cozy backyard feel on a small patio or balcony.

1.  First you will need to measure your area so you have an idea of the space you are working with.  Having specific measurements will allow you to cut out furniture pieces or other items to scale.  You can then arrange the pieces on a piece of paper to create ideas on how you want things placed.

2.  Depending on your space you might have room for a couple pieces of outdoor furniture.  For example, two chairs and a small table, or a small loveseat bench.  Furniture cushions can be changed out seasonally to give your space a new feel.

3.  Before you pick out plants make sure you know which direction your outdoor space is facing.  The amount of daylight available to the area is important when picking out your plants. Also keep in mind not having a sprinkler system means you will be doing the watering by hand. Plants can be utilized in many different ways in your space:

  • hanging planters
  • flower box
  • small single plant on a table.
  • corner plants

4. Add a distinquishing feature.  A unique, creative feature you can add to your space is a pond in a pot.  Find or purchase a decorate pot, fill it with water, and incorporate water plants. The pot not only adds charater to the space, but you also have a water feature.


5.  Dont forget about lighting.  You might not have big bushes or tall trees to illuminate, but you still have a space that can be brightened up at night with a little light feature.  Lanterns are a great option when making this decision. You can set one on a table, hang a few from the ceiling, or attach them to balcony railing. 




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