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Celebrate National Lawn & Garden Month: Timely To-Dos for April 2012

Posted by Katie Stoever on Wed, Apr 11, 2012 @ 11:17 AM

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What better way to celebrate then to start preparing for the summer! Here in Oklahoma the mild winter has cohersed people into planting early.  Fingers crossed we do not see a last minute freeze before we turn over to the month of May. 

Before jumping in the car and driving to your nearest nursery to load up on plants, read through the following guidelines to ensure a healthy and abundant landscape.


  • Encourage beneficial insects by planting herbs and flowers throughout your gardens.

  • Propagate your favorite shrubs, perennials, and trees to put elsewhere on your property or to donate to a greening organization.

  • Incorporate as many native plants as possible into your landscape.

  • Get to know your lawn as a garden of grass. Discover what kind of turfgrass you have and what kind of care it needs for best results. Click here to talk to a specialist.

  • Research least-toxic pest and weed control methods.

  • Double check your sprinkler system controller for correct watering time and zone dispersal. Click here for more about sprinker systems.

  • Begin a compost bin comprised of worms.

  • Understand you soil composition so you know what plants to place where.

  • Make notes on the amount of sunlight a bed/area receives.

  • Clean your gardening tools; oil wooden handles, tighten heads, and sharpen blades.

  • Cut back on lawn mowing by incorporating groundcovers, expanded perennial beds, even moss, to your lawn. Check out groundcovers for Oklahoma lawns here.

  • Vow to minimize pesticide use to protect wildlife, the water supply, and human health. A low-maintenance landscape needs little intervention. 

For ideas on good plant options go to our Pinterest and view each category for shrubs, trees, flowers, and more. Tulsa Landscape Pinterest

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