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Five Reasons to Choose LED for Landscape Lighting in Tulsa

Posted by David Land on Sun, May 20, 2012 @ 01:56 PM


 Landscape Lighting Tulsa LED


Lighting your landscape is by far one of the best investments to improve the curb appeal of your home.  Well designed lighting shows the landscape features in every season.  Architectural features should be a focus as well.  Lighting the foundation or the corners of the home help to show depth and texture.  The light effect should draw the guests eyes to the path and front door of the home.

The future is here

Outdoor Lighting in Tulsa has shot into the future with the advances in LED.  By using the newest technology, you can take advantage of the best new product in years (5 reasons below).

LEDs are solid state devices, meaning no moving parts or filaments to break.  LEDs contain no mercury and are environmentally friendly.  LEDs provide longevity that is up to 20 times that of standard lights. We prefer the warm white color LED (avoid the cool blue lights).

Landscape lighting tulsa LED

Five reasons for LED

  1. Save money/electricity   -  Our manufacturer, Phillips-Hadco,  now provides a life-time material warranty on LED fixtures. LEDs are more efficient, using up to 90% less energy than other light sources saving money.
  2. No timers to set- total automatic   -  We use a photocell to control the system.  Dusk on and dawn off means never having to reset timers.
  3. Security   -  Lights discourage unwanted visitors.
  4. Beauty   -  So many hours are spent at home in the dark.  Using warm white color lighting allows you to enjoy your property, especially in the evening.  Get home from work in the winter to stunning lighting effects.
  5. No lamp maintenance - No lamps to change.  Life-time material warranty.


Case Study

We just completed a front yard project on east 29th Street near Philbrook Museum.  The foundation lighting on this massive 15,000 sq. ft., 1932 Mansion, consisted of 26 upights focusing on specimen plants and foundation lighting.  These lights use a combined 115 watts.  That is slightly more than a 100 watt light bulb.  Imagine lighting a 100 foot long home with the same power used  by a reading lamp. 


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