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Azaleas in Tulsa - Fall is the time to plant and overseed

Posted by David Land on Sun, Sep 01, 2013 @ 09:00 PM

TulsaLandscape fall blooming Encore Azaleas September 1st

Today is the first day of September and what did I find but Repeat blooming Encore Azaleas doing their thing!  By the end of the first week in September, these Autumn Twist Azaleas will be covered in blooms again.   The bees already found them and I'm sure the hummingbirds are next. 

September List

The heat is slowly leaving and it is time for TLC in the landscape.  Here is a short list of things you should be working on in your landscape.

  • Dead head flowering shrubs and perennials
  • Check/spray the lawn for weeds that have crept up (pre-emergents don't last all season)
  • Check your Irrigation system for optimal operation
  • Fescue & Perennial Rye overseeding should start around September 15th and be finished by early October
  • Plant trees & shrubs - This is the best time to plant to help establish roots before winter.
  • Plan for Hardscape projects Patios and pools are best installed when it is cooler.

Links for more information



Patios and Hardscapes

3-D Design

LED Landscape Lighting


If you want to learn more a schedule a consulation, click here. 


Happy Fall!



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