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Five great Ideas to update your Backyard - Outdoor Living in Tulsa

Posted by David Land on Wed, May 28, 2014 @ 06:11 AM

Outdoor Living Survey Results

PLANET  (Professional LANdcare NETwork) results from a recent survey were reported in Total Landscape Care magazine.   Here are the top winners for projects.


Tulsa Landscape Pergola Shade ArborExpand your Patio. Most patios are too small.  Outdoor Living have been growing in popularity for years and is often the center of family life in the summer. They can be as expansive and made of concrete, flagstone, or concrete pavers. There are a wide variety of options for every space, purpose and price range.

Tulsa Landscape LightingAdd Outdoor Lighting. Outdoor lighting highlights a home’s landscape, special trees, as well as walkways and porches, providing both curb appeal and safety. “Nightscaping” makes gathering spaces usable and enjoyable for entertaining after dark. Landscape professionals can design lighting to complement or highlight important areas of the yard, and there are a variety of basic do-it-yourself options, such as adding a set of solar walkway lights.

Add a Fire Feature. A portable fire pit or chiminea, or building a stone fireplace into the deck or patio extends the time people can spend in their backyards, making a cozy entertaining space on summer nights or well into the fall and winter.Tulsa Landscape Firepit

Add a Water Feature. Water features, ranging from small fountains to ponds, streams, or water walls, create a sense of peace and calm, help people connect with nature, and may attract wildlife.

Tulsa Landscape water feaure

Create a Wildflower or Herb Garden. Wildflowers or herbs make great container gardens or ground cover. They are beautiful and smell great. Many home chefs grow their own herbs and many landscape companies now create edible gardens for clients. These gardens are also a benefit for the environment and for wildlife, providing food and safe cover for small animals.


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