Chinese Pistache Tree

Chinese Pistache Mid seasonChinese Pistache with fall color

Chinese Pistache branch

Tulsa Landscape Plant Data Sheet


Chinese Pistache Tree

Botanical Pronunciation:   Pistacia Chinensis

     pis-TAY-shi-a chi-NEN-sis

Plant type:  Tree

Deciduous/Evergreen: Deciduous

Cold hardiness:  Zone 6-9

Light needs:  Full sun

Water needs:  Drought tolerant

Size:  30-40 feet wide and tall ( larger in moderate climates)

Growth rate:  Moderate

Culture:    Likes most soils

Flower attributes:  Very small fruit

Flower color:  n/a

Blooms:  n/a

Foliage color:  Green spring/summer - fall Red/Orange

TLI recommendations:   Great tree for hot Oklahoma summers.  Small tree grows from an ugly duckling to a beautiful Swan. Gorgeous fall color.  Top Ten tree choice.

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