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Shumard Oak

Tulsa Landscape Plant Data Sheet

Shumard Oak

Botanical Pronunciation:

KwER-kus   shoo-MARD-ee-eye

Species: Quercus shumardii

Plant type:  Tree

Deciduous/Evergreen: Deciduous

Cold hardiness:  Zone 5-9

Light needs:  Full sun

Water needs:  Widely adaptable

Size:  75-100 tall, 40-60 wide  (smaller in Ok.)

Growth rate:  Rapid Growth

Culture:    Widely adaptable

Flower attributes:  small

Flower color:  minor

Blooms:  minor

Foliage color:  Yellow, orange

TLI recommendations:   One of our top three favorites.  This tree not only tolerates poor soil and Urban conditions, but thrives on them.  The few, the Proud, the Mighty Shumard Oak!

Right Place. Right Plant.

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