Design-Build Process

1.  Fill out the contact us form or click complimentary consultation.

2.  Schedule a time for us to come out, meet with you, and take a look at your space.

3. One of our staff measures your property, shoots grades if needed, and prepares a base drawing (existing features) of your property.

4. We meet with you to determine your style and offer general suggestions (usually at our office so you can see products and materials).

5. We prepare concept(s) to develop a plan.  At this phase we try to develop tighter guesstimates to keep the project in budget.

6. Concepts are reviewed with you and we begin final plans with a fixed cost proposal.  Together, we may visit several clints' homes to view their project to help you visualize the specific materials.

7. Final plans, materials, schedules are reviewed with you to begin work.  Usually we begin to order materials so all items are on hand before the project begins.  A 40% deposit is collected to procure materials and hold your start date on our schedule.


1. Pre-construction meeting is held at your home with our design representative, job foreman, and you to review the project.  We determine details such as pet (dog) management, work and weather schedules, dates that we can not work, and any other important issues. 

2. Work begins on scheduled date and will only be interrupted by weather or prearranged absence.  Our work days are Monday through Friday (usually onsite 8am - 6pm).  If we miss more than two days in a week due to weather, we may ask your permission to work on Saturday to help keep the pace moving.

3. When we complete the project we review after-care instructions, warranty, operational aspects.

4. Enjoy your Outdoor Makeover!

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